Mac Funamizu


CEO&Designer of Enfani

Mac’s biography to date reads as an inspirational adventure; from his humble beginnings as an English teacher and interpreter to heading a bank division in developing their new websites.

Completely self taught, Mac has continued to discover, enquire and be intrigued with a thoughtful heart and mind that gives great depth to his designs and has created layers of wealthy resources at his disposal.

The way he allows himself the freedom at concept stage to dream up an array of ideas, both possible and impossible, gives an exciting base from which to select the best outcome for the brief at hand.

This combination of freedom of design, thoughtful approach to communication and an unwavering motivation is unique. It is at the core of Mac as a person and has seen him win an array of prestigious awards and contracts to date and helped shape his evolving entrepreneurial career to be a true contender on the world stage.

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2018 Good Design Award

IoT Device

Smart Lock Akerun Pro

Kids Design Award 2017

red dot design award 2016 – Communication

Muse Creative Awards Platinum 2016

Good Design Award 2015

red dot design award “Best of Best” 2013   – Concept Design

red dot design award 2009 – Concept Design


National Geographic Channel
Travel Channel
Discovery News Technology
Smashing Magazine
Esquire Korea
SXSW 2011
Yanko Design
Gadget Girlz (Canada)
OLO Editions (France)
NEXT Design Trends
Cairo Editore (Italy)
LAPTOP Magazine (New York)
MONITOR magazine (International publication)
GOOD magazine (Los Angeles)

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