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Children Eager to Create Value in the Future

We grow kids' eagerness to create things

Age of Artificial Intelligence

Soon enough, things will be controlled by machines, leading everything to being efficient where there’s no ‘play’. Especially, artificial intelligence will make the majority of simple jobs easier, so human beings won’t need to do them at all. It will be easier to live and you will have more time. Even without doing anything, you may be able to spend your life without problems if it is a passive life like robot’s. It is an era when you do not need to be desperate to live. It is said that enterprises pursuing happiness, joy, peace and services offering them will increase.

What education should parents give to children?

By artificial intelligence it is said that 70 to 90% of existing occupations will disappear by the time our current children become adults. It is said to be good for children to get STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). In order for a child to survive the future, knowledge and experience to control the machines are necessary. Otherwise they will have a life as a robot. That is quite right.

What Enfani can give

Enfani is not a place to learn how to control a machine, but it is a place to nurture abilities to create something of value in the future. In other words, it is the ability to think and create what people feel as happiness and joy. To be valued means that people need it because it solves problems or makes things convenient. Enfani is where kids can actually enjoy experiencing solving real issues, but it goes one step further: kids will find ways to reach solutions that give pleasure and happiness also by ‘using them’.

How Enfani gets kids to attain these abilities

There are four ways for kids to nurture abilities to create new values

First of all, they have to be creative

You can practice “imitation", “limitation" and “connection” to become much more creative. In Enfani, "materials" and "themes" are issued and you work to assemble the material under certain conditions, which of course you can enjoy doing. For example, there are picture books without the second half. Children make the second half of the picture book using the character given, or think of the new rule for a tag game using the unique dog characters.

Create the way people create

Enfani not only gives you a chance to create things by simply combining materials but also a chance to enjoy thinking and creating "how to play" freely. By creating rules, we can become conscious of the 'flow' of things, to not only give things to people, but also to understand how they can be used.

Fun solving

Share the created content with others. Whether other users ‘like' it or not depends on how pleasing the person feels. In other words, the content that everyone can enjoy is of high value. You actually experience how to make people happy.

Get used to creating value for the world from childhood

Among "subjects" given by Enfani, we will also issue ones that actually reflects real existing problems or issues. Those are shown as game characters and the like. Users will actually face these problems and resolve them. As a result, Enfani is "a platform where you can think about existing problems and create solutions that people can enjoy." And that in itself is the "new value" of the future.

How To Be Creative


You start making something by imitating others. Neither Apple iPod nor iPhone is the first product on the market. When thinking about something, it is very important to steal ideas and make them your own.


It is difficult for us to make ideas under no condition. If “anything can be made”, then it is likely that nothing is born. In Enfani, we always issue certain “conditions” for the content that children make up.


Knowledge does not make sense on its own, at least except for at school tests. Google gives us lots of “answers”, which we appreciate as the immediate knowledge. When it is uniquely tied to another answer, you can create a ‘story line’ that makes things work. To attract people you have to make stories, or shapes out of those lines.

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