What parents can do to cherish children’s world view ~ How to utilize apps ~

How are your children doing during the summer vacation?


My child came home with a leaflet of many workshops held in the nearby area just before the summer vacation. As a person who holds workshops by myself, I participate in such workshops in various fields and I am learning myself as well.


Well, today I will introduce one story of joining the workshop of “PeKay’s Making Picture Book” from among the workshops I have participated so far.

PeKay’s Making Picture Book” is a picture book making application. There are a lot of parts such as characters, furniture, play equipment, and users arrange them to make a picture book. If he can also write words, he can type letters. A young child who can not write letters can also record a voice. You can save it and enjoy like a digital picture book, or you can create a small picture book by printing it.

AppStore(for iPad)

It is an application you can play at home, but I took a child and I participated in this workshop.


In a kindergartener’s class, a parent and a child and work together facing each other on the same desk. In elementary school class, parents watch over in the back seats and children produce the books by themselves. When parents and children line up, a lot of parents tend to speak out, so parents are forced to sit away from their kids.


Originally it is good for children in preschool to do such “make works while making full use of their own world view”, but if those kids sit away from their parents, they become uneasy, so they sit together with parents.


Therefore, what is required of parents in preschool is consciousness that “Parents do not speak out too much, while children can concentrate on thinking” situation.


Well, my eldest son enjoyed arranging a lot of parts in the app. Although I felt that there are somewhat too many parts, I was watching by side.

And when he placed a bench on the next page, the chick that he’d put in the place hid behind it!


I was curious then, “Doesn’t he know how to put the chick above the bench?”


I’d been told not to speak out while kids making stories, but maybe I could tell him how to use the system?

I was worried, but I kept watching as it is.



As a result, he did not change the placement and he made the title “hide-and-seek”!



Children’s ideas are infinite!


Normally, parents go as far as to think that children are in trouble and tend to call out. Waiting here is something really hard for a parent to do.


It was an event that I felt that child carers should be involved, but not leave kids alone or teaching them. We should keep such distance even when using digital devices.



※ This episode is also described in my book.

AI世代のデジタル教育 6歳までにきたえておきたい能力55



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