Create Game Rules by Yourself! Online Amusement Park for Kids & Parents Will Open Soon!

Lots of Games, but No Rules!

Like a sandbox or LEGO blocks, I want a digital space where you can demonstrate your creativity freely!

Hello. This is Mac, CEO of Enfani. I have seen a lot of cases where children and adults have been addicted to games for many, many hours. Perhaps there are a lot of those people around you (I was so, too), but will the time spent (and money) for the games be utilized in the future? I doubt it. Isn’t it necessary for children to become more able to act by thinking on their own and to open up new paths by themselves instead of walking on the prepared path? I have been thinking about such a thing for a long time.

So, Enfani will open Online Creative Amusement Park “SUM! Land” you can play on the web!

Based on the idea that “I want to foster the creativity of children through play” and “Adults also want to enjoy like kids”, this site introduces games with almost no rules or goals.
The goal is to nurture the ability to think by themselves by finding their own rules and goals while playing.

For example, “See-Saw”. Put the balls of different weights on both ends of the seesaw, and make the balls on one side jump to put them in the basket. It is free to decide which ball to put in which basket. And there is no goal or game-over setting, so each will decide how to play. You will be able to cultivate creativity while learning the principle of lever and weights.

“Doodle” has made it possible to design creative drawing and coloring books that have been offered through PDF prints in this website. As you will be getting more and more funny sheets, I’m sure you will be able to enjoy them laughing with your child!

“Dog Walk” is a very simple content that the dog walks in the field. Tap the screen and the dog will dance. Although it is for very young children, in fact, there’s this refreshing sound of nature as BGM, so adults and students can enjoy listening to it as they work and study. Switching the screen changes the background and sound. Again, we will add more varieties to it!

We still have more contents and we plan to add even more regularly in the future.


Share “How to Play”, Not the Scores

Each content has no rules on how to play, so you can play freely, but in the future you will be able to share your idea of game rules.


Contents on the Web

Evolution of Web browsers has been wonderful over the last few years, and interactive operations such as moving picture playback, voice and graphics drawing which was complicated and time consuming, can be performed now, and the range of expression and direction on the screen has expanded considerably. There have been more and more content which can be played online even without downloading an app. “SUM! Land” has mostly simple games and the new content will be added regularly, so you can play enough with the browser. Of course you can play not only on smartphones, tablets, but also on PCs!


Engineering Doctor at Meiji University Yuki Igarashi Supervises the Games

Yuki Igarashi, lecturer at Department of Advanced Media Science, Meiji University Department of Mathematical Sciences, supervises the website. She was awarded the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Minister’s Prize (category prize). From the viewpoint of child rearing as a mother of three children, she will also help to foster the creativity of children.


We’ll Release the Site for Members Earlier

“SUM! Land” is under preparation now, but we will release the test site for those who registered for Enfani membership sooner than the public.
Please register for this chance!

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The content of the site uses MIT’s JS physics calculation library.



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