My Challenge to Get Kids Self-Managed

Cherry blossoms scattered away already around Tokyo and the new semester started in the blink of an eye.

Suppose you’re all busy at this time of the year.

Hi, I’m Nana. I just joined Enfani mama blog!

My family consists of 6; my husband, me and 4 kids (the youngest two are twins). Since the twins were born, things changed a lot in my family so I started to think I had to change something.

‘Mom, where is that?’ ‘What am I supposed to do tomorrow?’ They ask me everything and do almost nothing until I tell them especially when it’s time to go out or go to bed. Sometimes I ask them to look for a missing item together, sometimes I ask each to do a different task because I’ll be at a loss if I do everything for all the kids.

The twins can go without diapers now, but they’re still 3. Mornings, evenings and nights are the liveliest times of a day in my house.

I’ll be working creatively to change the way of our lifestyle for all of us to live comfortably.

From this spring, the elder 2 sons are at elementary school and the younger 2 go to nursery school.

I’m having so busy days preparing for kids for new school, new grade, new schedule and items and everything else. If you have four kids, a mom alone cannot grasp all the schedule and belongings for all! Paper submissions are delayed or even forgotten and sometimes an important plan I don’t even know is found on the day at times…


I want my kids to go to school comfortably in the morning, without worries of items not to forget or things behind.

I don’t want to flap around in the morning!

So I thought that this year I would like to have a theme for my kids “do it yourself”.

Of course, I will do support until they can do it alone.


First, since the elder child has become very conscious of what to do, I tried to write schedule in the calendar with him in order for him to grasp the schedule, conscious of what to do today and tomorrow even if I don’t say it.

“When are we going to buy the items for the new semester?” We’re talking looking at the schedule. Then I asked him to write down the plans in the calendar.

Seems like he enjoyed it pretty much and wrote them neatly using different colors for other kids to know the plan is for whom.

The second son joined coloring the circles saying “I can not write kanji so I’ll help with colors”.

Maybe there will be a bit more trick for the little ones to join too.

I would like to see how it goes for a while.


How about you?

I would like to know how to use the calendar, or if there is any other ways to make the preparations of the school smoothly.

Anyway, I’d like to work with a single mind that I really really want my kids to do it themselves.

If you have ideas, please let me know!!

Thank you!

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