Secret Base in My House!

Hi. This is Aya, a blog writer of Enfani.

So everyone, is there a secret base in your house?

My house a secret base that anyone can get in and out at anytime, where private space can be secured so even adults can feel at home!


The secret base is … a Hammock!

My kids loved the hammock when we happened to find it on sale so we bought it for a newly moved house. And bang! It was a big hit!

Kids play hide-and-seek and even get stuffed dolls to lie there.

It’s a good place for the kids to have secret chats and for my husband to take a comfy nap in the sunshine.

And it’s my turn in the evening reading while swaying slowly and watching TV in it.

It’s up to you how to use it, but anyone can enjoy the great time with a little luxurious feeling.

The hammock we bought impulsively turned out to be a lovely secret base where adults and children can secure petit private space.

Well, isn’t it making you feel like getting a secret base for your house? A hammock will be a great fit! Try it and let me know how it goes! I’m looking for a hammock friend. Lol

In our house the hammock turned into a secret base, but there may be other items you can try in your house.

Is there a favorite sofa or chair or a secret base where you can relax in the balcony? Let me know!

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