Helpful items to check for your kids at home (to be released soon)

30 New Items

Hi. Thanks for using Checkie!

Checkie! will be updated with new items that have been requested by people around the world.

This time, the new items will help you as rather “to do list” than “check list”.


”Kids at Home” Items

These items are really helpful when you ask your kids at home alone to do various things. For example,

“Take in the clothes at 5 o’clock”
“Wash your hands and gargle, then you can have snacks"
“Put away your toys after playing with them”
“Feed the cat"
“Lock the door when you get home and do your homework”

The app starts automatically with a timer, so set the timer to the time when your child gets home or it’s time for snacks.

New Characters: Adult Male & Female

This is from requests by grownup users. This time we prepared a young couple.

And Even More New Items!

We added more items that have got most requests;
Rain Boots (clothes category)
TP (various items category)
Headband (clothes category)
Toy Sword (various items, kids at home categories)
Pajamas for Girl (clothes category)
Parakeet (various items, kids at home categories)
Lunch Napkin (elementary school category)
Purse (elementary school category)
Mechanical Pencil (business, elementary school categories)

Checkie! will be updated with more items and features. We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback!

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