Elementary School Schedule Check with New Cute Items

40+ Elementary School Items

Thanks for using Checkie!

We have received so much more item requests than we’d expected, so it’s great to know Checkie! is needed by many many people around the world.

Now, big update!

More than 40 Items related to elementary school and clothes have been added!!


School Items (Thanks for waiting!)

Lots of cute textbooks images are included (both Japanese and English) along with items needed for school life.

Now you can have a picture school schedule (“jikanwari” in Japanese) for each day!

This has been a big request from users in Japan.

New background: plain (no animal character)

This plain background has been requested by our users with impaired color vision.

And Even More New Items!

The other newly added items are:
Folding umbrella (various)
Sunglasses (clothes)
Folded laundry (clothes)
Socks (clothes)
Elementary school (locations)

Hope Checkie! helps your kids’ busy school days.

We’re still working hard to make the app even better, so if you have requests/comments, please do let us know!

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