Popular math app to get huge update!?

For those who don’t know Enfani’s first iPhone app “SUM!”, it’s a very fun math game that teaches the concept of addition through play. Drag a number monster to another and you’ll get a bigger one. When you make a 10, it disappears. So try to make 10s as fast as you can before the bubbles fill the screen.

Mistake? That’s OK. Just double-tap a ball and it will break down again into smaller ones.

SUM! has been very popular since its release last year. It often appears in the top page of the AppStore as a featured app.
And here’s some good news! SUM! is now on sale and you can get it for free! Oh and of course as the title says, the app will have a huge update soon. I can’t say it yet, but something very exciting will happen in the app!

数字のダンス! Dancing numbers!

数字キャラをタッチすると動くよ! SUM!(サム)を気に入っていただいている方の多くは、数字のアニメーションが好きだから、ということですw。もちろんゲームの方も楽しんでくださいね! アプリダウンロードhttps://appsto.re/jp/1LDjab.iTouch these cute numbers to see them move! Many of the SUM! fans love these animations of the characters. Sure, but enjoy the game, too!https://appsto.re/us/1LDjab.i

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SUM! app combo!

Here's a helpful tip for the app SUM! Get combos for higher scores by keep making 10s without a break. Quickly find combinations that make a 10. My son (7), by the way, got a lot quicker adding small numbers.SUM!(サム)アプリ高得点のコツ! コンボを狙え!続けて10を作っていくとコンボ得点が入ります。合わせて10になる組み合わせをいかに早く見つけられるか。おかげで、7歳の私の息子は簡単な足し算がすごく速くできるようになりました!

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