Checkie! Updates #3/3 New Items

Hi! Here is the final post of the 3 part series of new Checkie! Updates.

Paid Items

Food & Travel
We hear some people use Checkie! as a shopping list, so we added a lot of food items. You can now have several checklists ready for various recipes! And of course, we now have lots of travel items so you can prepare for vacation & business trips.

Computers & Tools
Devices such as smartphones, PCs, cameras, watches and related items are available for the tech savvy.
If you often use DIY, gardening, cleaning or sewing items, you’ll definitely need this item set!

Various & Locations
There are various other items such as keys, flowers, umbrella, money, tobacco and even pets (dog & cat), etc.
Location images appear in the back of the characters (you don’t have to tap it in the check screen). There are images like shower, toilet, bed, sink, desk, kitchen, etc. With these images, for example, you can remind your child to brush their teeth (items) and go to the bathroom (location) at 8:30 (timer). This set of images will expand the way you use Checkie! for sure!

Item Request

Need more items? Sure! Let us hear what you want for Checkie! in the ‘Item Request’ page. We’ll be adding new items continuously so we would love to hear from you!

Well, that’s about it, but I’m sure you’ll discover fun and unique ways to use the app. We really hope Checkie! helps you have great days with nothing left behind. Enjoy the app and let us hear what you think on the app review! Thanks!


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