Checkie! Sneak Peek #1/3

Thank you so much for using Checkie! We have received so many positive comments that Checkie! is helping you not only as a checklist, but also as a shopping list and a to-do list and much more. Thanks to your feedback, we’ve been working hard to improve the app even more. Now the next version of Checkie! is almost ready as almost a whole new app! Today we’ll introduce some of the new main features.

New Design

Almost all the screens have a new look!

Item Categories 250+ Items

Compared to the initial 50 items in version, this new version has completely redesigned 255 items, sorted into 14 different categories! So awesome! You will find looking for an item will be a lot easier. We’ll introduce the details of the items in the next post. Stay tuned!

New Character & Some Design Changes to the Existing Ones

New BGM!

Fresh, simple, and cute notes!

Price Change – Now Free!

The app itself will be free and there are in-app purchases for specific items and an unlimited number of timers. If who’ve already bought the app, don’t worry, you will have unlimited timers for free (you save ¥120 or $0.99)!

In the next post, we’ll introduce the most wanted features in Checkie!. Stay tuned!

Download new Checkie!

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