[:ja]子育てに悩むママは素敵なママ![:en]A Question for Moms All Over the World[:]



















 [:en]Hello! This is Ayaka.

Do you have troubles for raising children?
I’m wondering how many moms around the world would say ‘None’.

It’s been eight years since I gave a birth to the elder daughter. I’ve been desperate taking care of her as if I’d never had a day without worries.

At the tenth month health check, she was told to have the exam again because she couldn’t keep sit alone. Since then up until she became a primary school student, I had to take her to the university hospital and the development support center.

She was diagnosed as an eating disorder, because she couldn’t easily eat baby foods. And they found she had inborn amblyopia and strabismus. Also she suffered from hypersensitivity that she extremely disliked any objects touching her hands and limbs.

Furthermore, it was very difficult to communicate with her because she couldn’t talk until she was three and a half years old. I went to the development support center for her treatment by trains and buses over and over every week.

As soon as she became able to do something, there’s the next challenge waiting, but there was a wonderful encounter through her treatment.

We met an occupational therapist, who has taken care of her for longer than any other doctors, a visual exerciser we’re still meeting today, and many children who have various kinds of disabilities and characteristics in group therapies.

One day when we shared a talk about the troubles we had raising kids, a nursery teacher of a group therapy said

“You are very right as a mother if you suffer from troubles raising children.”

She knew how difficult it is to keep taking care of a child with disabilities, but said that since you’re worrying about so many troubles, you can face your kid as much, loving her all through those experiences.

With or without disabilities of your child, there are so many moms who have troubles raising their children. I believe that those worries and troubles appear on after another because they do love their children.

No matter how old your child is, you’ll definitely have worries, but I’m sure that those moms with such worries are wonderful!

Don’t you have any troubles you would like someone to talk about right now? I’m sure you do!

How can you solve it?

I don’t think I have enough experiences yet so please let me know how you get rid of worries!




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