[:en]Amazing kids’ designs at the huge book festival in Tokyo[:ja]上野の森親子フェスタ 子ども達の素晴らしいデザインが集まりました[:]

[:en]Enfani joined Ueno-no-mori Oyako Festa, held three days from May 3 to May 5. Under the bluest sky, a lot more people visited the picture book event than last year. Hundreds of children flocked to our booth!

“Draw” Numbers
This time, the theme of our booth was “Thinking, painting & drawing”. Kids start with painting, which any kid is interested in doing! Paint simple items made of certain number of items, such as cherries, traffic lights, etc. Then, only frames are presented, and they are told to draw freely what they associate from the shapes of the frames. And when it is over, they can draw anything completely freely. As they get to know the rules by this stage, they draw what is made out of certain numbers of items. Although there were age differences, everyone did truly amazing art.

They had far more brilliant, amazing ideas than we imagined. I was really impressed. The possibilities of children are infinite! Enfani will be a platform that makes this pure creativity useful for the world.

For those who registered with the Enfani portal website at Ueno Festa, their art will appear later in the digital picture book. So stay tuned![:ja]上野の森親子フェスタ、5月3日から5日までの3日間開催しました。3日間とも天気は快晴、来場者は昨年よりも多いという報告がありました。あんふぁにのテントにも、何百人というお子様に来ていただきました。





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